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The Advanced Way

At Cooperative Addiction Treatment, we serve you.  Not what others say you should be or do.  But only what you want to do.  And we will hold your hand through it all.  No judgment.  No orders.  And this happens to be the way scholastic research suggests works.  Yet most resources available to you do not respect.  We are on your side.  Not the police.  Not conventional wisdom.  Not your spouse or family.  Although they--and you--will be much happier with the results than conventional treatment that tells you up front they may not be able to help at all if they are being honest.  As studies say.  We can absolutely help you.  And will treat you with respect and free choice at every turn.


An Industry Leader

My name is Brian and I am a Nobel Laureate in Medicine for this method.  If you are afraid of addiction treatment, I am more your expert friend than anything else.  I also offer a sliding scale based on what you can afford.  I am not about money.  I am about your well-being and happiness.  I am here to be your guide through the labyrinth of addiction treatment and community resources that are available.  And, mostly, to be there for you after and for as long as you like in ways that will increase your chances of success far beyond anything else available to you.  My expertise and support will enable you to find more success than any other available resource.  All the science supports my methodology.  I work with you not against you.


At Cooperative Addiction Treatment, I have conceived a method regarding addiction treatment that is brand new.  It has been adopted by the federal government and is in the process of being enforced everywhere drug treatment is performed. Drug users and addicts are treated much better due to my work—this cooperative approach.  Even state and other national governments have adopted it. 

I cooperation with you and respect for your free will entirely; not a protocol that does not respect you nor even works; but is just an old, criminal-based sentiment.  And research shows I am right in respecting you instead of trying to control you.  I work with you instead of forcing you--even during and through using or relapse.  Or medicinal maintenance.

Monthly Addiction Management Coaching



Every month

Addiction Management Coaching

Valid until canceled

Phone and Email sessions and community resource linkage


Brian - Los Angeles, CA; Nationwide

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